How important is Connection to our parents? Just a sampling of the commments we have received over the years...

"I remember when we first came up with the idea for playdates, and I felt like crying with gratitude for the OTHER parents, remembering how there was nothing like that available when Oliver was in preschool. We, as experience parents, can offer so much to those just starting out. I remember takiing mental notes (if not actual notes) of every utterance of an experienced parent back then. I was so desparate for information and reasurrance." - Kathleen O'Brien

"When I went to my first Connections meeting at Betty's house, it was the first time that I ever had a safe community of understanding parents who were ready to support and take action at the same time. DSE is a unique community, and it has fostered a greater community of tolerance and understanding within Marin for our special kids. Outreach is so important to our parents. I am so grateful for all the friends I've made threough DSE who have helped me negotiate the ongoing challenges and rewarts that come with raising a special needs child." - Susan Simpkin

"Sometimes I have laughed (hard), and sometimes I've cried, and it's all been within a mutually respectful and understanding circle. I would encourage you to attend when possible." -Beth Silver