Online Community

Part of being effective advocates in a strong community is staying in touch - the easy way! Dedication to Special Education hosts a large online community, where people can ask questions, offer help, discuss specific issues, and much more. We offer a few levels of participation:

  • Parents Only - here parents can ask questions and discuss issues in a "confidential" setting. Sensitive issues around advocacy, schools, IEPs and more.
  • Open Connections - we also offer a forum where service providers and educators are able to participate

Some extremely useful aspects include:

  • Need help with family crisis? - We can organize the brigade to keep your family fed and provide other assistance, as only a caring community can.
  • Don't know what program is right for your child? Ask, and others are happy to offer help.
  • Love your doctor and want to share? Others are glad to know good service providers.
  • More! Join us to find out.

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