Classroom Grants Application

  Please ensure that your district and IT department support whatever items you are requesting. 


Our Classroom Grant program has been redesigned. Please keep the following in mind.

  1. We have intitiated our Site Innovation Grant Program, and so we are diverting funds from smaller classroom requests to larger site initiatives..

  2. We feel that we have largely accomplished our original goal with classroom grants in supplying equipment and teaching materials. Because districts are now required to provide much of the technology that DSE has been funding, we will be focusing on funding creative extras.

Our intention with Classroom Grants is to continue to purchase the kinds of interventions that would otherwise not be available through other sources.

You may request a grant for up to $2500. Please be aware, we rarely award the full amount, and lists of items need to be prioritized by you.

Who may apply:

Special educators working within the Marin County public school system with 100% students with IEP's, including:

  • Special Day Class Teachers (SDC)
  • Resource Teachers (Resouorce)
  • Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)

What we will fund:

Technology and teaching materials that will help you bring learning opportunities to your students, with particular emphasis on our Four Pillars of Learning:

  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Curriculum Adaptation (Adaptation and Access)
  • Technology (using technology to enhance or expand learning opportunities)

What we will not fund:

  • Administrative materials, including, but not limited to laptops, shredders, testing and evaluation materials, and anything more appropriately funded by MediCal or SELPA
  • Furniture
  • Construction
  • Professional fees
  • Field trips
  • Equipment that is considered standard for classrooms, including replacement of old equipment, and equipment that is part of any student's IEP

The deadline for submitting your application is 5:00 pm on Friday, October 26, 2018. If you have questions about the appropriatenes of your request, please contact Genine Osher at the TRC. 415 491-6494

E-mail - this is how we will communicate with you, so please make sure it is accurate.*
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Technology Packages

You may request a technology package. We have determined how much each would be, so just put the assigned amount in your total grant request amount field. Please be aware that we will not be purchasing many computer and ipad tech packages, unless the justification meets our threshold of need. Please be specific about why you are asking DSE for these items, and why your district is not providing them.

PC Desktop and monitor - $1100
iMac Desktop - $1400
Apple TV package: Apple TV, LCD Television, cables, cart - $1600
iPad with case - $800

Technology Package

Non-Tech Package Request

You may request specific materials and equipment other than above tech package. If you are putting together a list, please list them in order of your priority. Long lists rarely are granted in their entirety, and we will generally determine a set amount as a ceiling, depending on the total number of requests and how much money we allocate to the program.

Grant request, please list in order of priority, and include the price of each.
Total price of grant request
Sales tax
Shipping total
Total grant request amount, items, tax and shipping*

Note: When we award a grant amount, that amount is firm, and we will not reimburse anything over the amount we have approved, so please make sure your numbers are accurate here.

I understand that any grant I receive for my classroom belongs to my district and will stay with the classroom if I leave. *
  It is your responsibiity to ensure your district and IT department can support your request  
I have checked with my district and relevant IT department to ensure that any technology I am requesting is supported. *
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